Need to Know News (9 July 2024) with Carl Herman Joe Olson Chris Weinert (1) - (2024)

Carl Herman, Mission Viejo. Joe Olson, Houston, Texas. Chris Weiner, parts unknown need to know news the 9 July it’s Tuesday 2024. Let’s take a look at those stories, get some opening statements. Our opponents are evil, satanic service itself, liars, bullsh*tters. Have some stories about that elections, quote unquote, or elections in Europe. I think it’s going to be as honest as the american elections. From COVID and health lies and crimes to recognized ongoing crimes against humanity. We got five updates with that Trump Biden optics, three updates, 2020 election fraud optics for those. How effective is the great awakening for sheeple people to withdraw consent? Take a look at a couple of stories for those.

Joe, opening statement, brother. Yeah, interesting weekend in Chicago for four day Independence Day weekend. 100 people shot and 19 of them dead so far, and probably a few more that are going to be in the critical list. It’ll end up croaking. So, but the mayor says the problem was in 1968, we elected Richard Milhouse Nixon instead of LBJ, but LBJ dropped out because LBJ had an enormous number of problems and they were catching up with him. So bottom line is, yeah, it’s absolutely ridiculous. They could still blame, but what we’re fixing to see is history repeat itself.

And they’re going to have the democratic convention in Chicago and it’s already gangland. And imagine what it’s going to be like in hot August when they try to sit there and pump up the cadaver in chief and his ding dong wife as being the best options for America. It’s going to be absolutely hilarious. They’re the, they’re killing themselves trying to get rid of this guy. And it’s, it’s fun to watch, but it’s tragic as a nation and tragic as citizens of the world that we have to deal with this ridiculous crap. But here we are. Here we are.

Tragic, comic, and it has always been in the background now in the foreground. Chris, your thoughts, brother? Takes me back to the FBI and AdL operations like Patcon and before that, Operation Chaos or COINTELPRo, where they actually would send in people that were military personnel or prison trained gang members like they have now with these for profit prisons and whatnot, into these inner cities to do exactly what Joe was talking about, to kill a bunch of random people. And I know it sounds hard to believe, but I really am starting to think this is not an organic uprising.

This is not, in my opinion, a genuine manifestation of the clashing of the caste system as they are typically intended to do. I think that sometimes they send these guys in to do exactly what happens and much, much worse and off camera. We were talking about an interesting topic that I’d like to maybe bring on and if it’s all right, not get into too long a talk. But we were talking about directed energy weapons and Hurricane Harvey and how that appeared to be like a dunkin yo yo trick walk the dog or something like that. It hit the coast, I think, three times.

It came back and crashed again, I thought, if I remember correctly, and then was covered up immediately by the Vegas massacre. So, yeah, I think, you know, in hindsight, when you put these things together chronologically, you know, this is something far bigger than most people might have identified or recognized it as when it happened. And I just want to bring some of these things to people’s attention because these are important, I think. Yeah, yeah. And the whole concept of breakaway technology that is suppressed and weaponized and used against us, the possibility that that could have for living re, if we can be free.

I’ve lived in, I’ve lived in the Gulf coast area all of my life, really, and I’ve been through at least a dozen hurricanes and probably two dozen tropical storms. In my closing remarks, we’re going to talk about the Galveston storm of 1900. Real interesting information I came across on that. Yes, Galveston, that storm is fascinating. All right. Our opponents are evil, satanic service itself. Liars and bullsh*tters. Don’t believe anything that they say. Entirely unreliable testimony. All right, be careful of political parties that warn of a threat to democracy while they themselves arrest their political opponents. Work with tech companies to censor those that disagree with them.

Allow men and women’s sports and bathrooms. Encourage child mutilation surgeries. Fire federal workers and nurses for not getting experimental gene therapies. Threaten to expand the Supreme Court and eliminate the electoral college. Cause rampant inflation. Increase the cost of groceries by 26%. Now we’ve. It’s more than doubled just the last four years. Allow 11 million people to illegally cross the border and push the entire world close to world war three. Hollywood in plain sight. So Hunter Thompson, the author, he does mention adrenochrome in his book fear and loathing in Las Vegas. And that scene goes into the evil.

The evil. And this is extracted from a living body after torture. And if you want to know how far back the evil goes, and if you accept the premise that wannabe masters are liars and inverters, then you need to consider the stories of the world wars and that we definitely weren’t the good guys. The german Holocaust and goes back farther, this goes back into, like, roman times, egyptian times, greek times has been incorporated into history through comedies, tragedies, and even religious scriptures. Polytheism and monotheism from the temple priests that were probably the benefactors that are trying to still to this day, raise Atlantis again.

And in my opinion, these are the twelve tribes that are of Atlantis, maybe not necessarily of what we normally recognize them as. So in my opinion, I think that they are doing this stuff to us on purpose. If you look at the radar from Beryl on the weather scope and mirror it, it’s the same thing as the Prince Charles portrait with the Moloch and all that. It’s some eerie sh*t, guys. So, I mean, I think there’s more to the story than people are really seeing with their own two eyes. And I just hopefully can add another depth of perception on some of these things.

I think it’s very important to understand what’s going on right now. You can find the image of what you were talking about and put it into the show notes. That would be awesome. I would like to see that. And with our opponents, I think Chris is right. Okay, cool. Cool. You can’t trust anything that they say. Nothing is reliable. And that suspect everything that you see is another one of the poisons, tortures and mind controls. Hey, by the way, kicked off Twitter. Cwiner two is my handle on Twitter. So go for it if you want to find me.

Yep. Yep, I found you. And I got a little axe to grind with bitchute. They’ve really changed up their format. You have to relog in as a subscriber in order to make any comments and to see what your favorites. And then they’ve got these pop up ads that if you’re not real quick and move the screen, you can’t reach the delete button, so you end up having to watch ten minutes of freaking commercials. And then I’ve had multiple friends that I’ve sent direct links to, articles, I mean, to interviews that I’ve had with betser on Bitchute, and they say that it doesn’t come up.

So apparently Bitchute decided that they don’t want people discussing anything of my climate, my ten different interviews with betser on climate, the Twin Towers and the Apollo mission. So apparently all of that stuff is radioactive on bitchute at this point. And then you also have to sign up with cookies. Every time you come on, you have to agree to cookies. Well, you don’t know what you agreed to on cookies the first time you agreed to it, and you don’t know what they changed since then. So it’s like even if you read through all of the cookie criteria and agreed to it the first time, you’d have to read through it all again and find whatever words that were changed in order to know how the cookies are going to be screwing you in the future.

It’s like, I’m just about done with bitchute. I may never make another copy of comment on Bitchute, and I don’t mind having our programs posted there, but it’s just going to be awkward to not be able to interact with our audience and provide links and stuff because bitchute is so onerous at this particular point. Thank you, Joe. The idea of inversions is that you may consider is that instead of the story that the Germans were the genocidal maniacs, they may have been in no small part the victims. And this would be the genocide by collective punishment of over 30 million ethnic german civilians after VE Day, when World War Two was over, the saturation firebombing of German Germany after 1943, referring to all Germans as nazis, and through the starvation tactic tactics that were employed after both world wars.

Muckrakers TNT interviews Richard and Gail Gage, 911, WTC destruction and the Gaza parallels. Now, I like this because Richard and Gail are pointing out that in all false flags there are common denominators, common themes. They create the original problem. They manage the public reaction. They offer the prescribed solution. That’s what they do. Kamala claims Trump will weaponize the DOJ against his political enemies and all they do is project. And the hypocrisy is hilarious. Let’s take a moment and listen to cackle and Kamala, Caroline and everybody here. This is probably the most significant election of our lifetime.

You know, we have said it every four years, but this here one is it. We are looking at an election that will take place in 122 days. 122. We’re on one side. You have the former president who is running to become president again, who has openly talked about his admiration of dictators and his intention to be a dictator on day one, who is openly now that’s known as a lie of omission and a straw man argument. Nobody who has looked at those statements would come to that conclusion. But whatever, she’s got more to go. Talked about his intention to weaponize the Department of Justice against his political enemies, who has talked about being proud of taking from the women of America a most fundamental right to make decisions about your own body.

And I just can’t take it anymore. It’s all lies. It’s all projection. Caitlin Johnstone makes a good point of that. The inversion of our opponents. Saying democracy is in jeopardy in America is like saying beaches are in jeopardy in Wyoming. And Caitlin has kind of the feel to her of a person who has woken up relatively recently. And liberals will often say, you are privileged if you don’t care who wins the us election. Actually, you’re privileged if you care. Do you think the people in Gaza give a f*ck whether Biden or Trump is genociding them? You think the us empire will be any less murderous and tyrannical with a d or an r over it? Saying democracy is in jeopardy in America is like saying beachfront properties are in jeopardy in Wyoming.

Your country is run by a few billionaires and government agencies. You don’t get a real vote. And even if you did, you’re all propagandized anyway. It’s not a real thing. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. She’s feeling it. And so do all of us who recognize the empire. And there’s only so much that we can do, but with what we can think, say and do, we’ll make them count. Joe, your thoughts? I’ve been awake to the two party duality hate government my whole entire adult life, starting with my grandfather’s property down on Padre island in 1970, my interaction with Metro and Disney corporations, monorail fraud in Houston in 1989, my involvement in the divorce court all through the nineties.

So I was completely aware of how dysfunctional our whole government was. And by accident, I was waiting to see the morning weather report. I never watched tv, and the only reason I ever did is because it’s easier to watch the weather than it is to try to hear it on the radio. And they only repeat it, you know, once every hour. And it’s like, damn, you were talking to somebody or thinking about something else and you didn’t remember what the forecast was. So I was watching to see the weather, and they said, oh, breaking news. We had an airplane just run into the north tower, and they’re sitting there showing the camera, and I called up several friends and was telling them, oh, man.

Airplane hit the north tower. And then an airplane hit the south tower, and it burned for an hour. Then the top of the tower leaned over 22 degrees, popped straight back up and fell down in 14 seconds. I said immediately to every one of my friends, this was controlled demolition, but I don’t know exactly how they did it. I met Richard Gage from architects and engineers at the dvd premier for their investigative report in Austin with Alex Jones in May of 2009 for a four hour long press conference. I was there an hour early, stayed for the whole thing.

I’ve attended two other events in Houston with Richard Gage and went and had dinner with him afterwards. I attended an event in Austin with him that was a three hour long event. I’ve interviewed him with James Spetzer for 2 hours and interviewed him twice on TNT radio as a guest. I mean, it’s a host and he was my guest. So I’m very familiar with Richard Gage and to be perfectly honest, as far as history and science, he’s a complete featherweight and I can take my hat off to him for being in tenacious and staying with this, but I don’t trust his analysis as being accurate on virtually anything.

And he’s a 100% controlled opposition as far as the destruction of World Trade center buildings. After I’d studied it for 15 years, I did an interview with Fetzer called unequivocal 911 Nukes, which was on YouTube and had 100,000 views before YouTube took his channel down. I ended up writing three articles, one for Robert David Steele and two for veterans today, unequivocal 911 nukes. And one of my readers said, you need to read the Palmer report, forwarded it to veterans today. They published it as breathtaking solving nuclear 911. And then they had missed a few things. So I wrote an additional article called exposing the NIST Jenga game.

Because I’ve been a trained or registered structural engineer in the state of Texas for over 40 years, and I’ve worked in 20 states and hundreds of multi story buildings and I understand construction and I understand demolition. And I’ve spent 5000 hours at least in the last 20 years understanding exactly what happened to us on 911, along with all the peripheral issues involving the CIA, the FBI, and Mossad. So. And I met Christopher Bolin at the Austin Truth Fest in September 11, 2016 and got a copy of his book who explains exactly who was involved, and I explain exactly how it was involved.

And then if you want to know why, just pull up a copy of Peanut, the project for the new american century and that will tell you why we ended up doing that. So, bottom line is, I’ve understood this from a far better perspective than Richard Gage, and I’d be happy to debate him again, but he’s very adamant that he knows everything about explosives and buildings and I and demolition. So it’s pointless to try to discuss things with him. You just have to allow him to have his turf and then hope that he allows you to have something to say.

But not the most reliable source for information as far as I’m concerned. Thank you, Joe. Chris. Yeah, let me in there. You’re talking about Richard Gage? I was thinking of Lucas Gage. You guys been getting swatted like crazy. I’ve seen this sh*t on Twitter, and, you know, anybody that’s had that happen to them, it’s bullsh*t, and it does go on. And the ADL is usually, you know, involved with a lot of these type of gaslighting in these publicity operations and things like that. I don’t know, man. I just. I think a lot of times they put these, these type of situations out there to serve as lightning rods for the righteous outrage to be gathered, you know, here’s the thing, I guess in terms of, I saw he had a Gofundme.

He’s got like $6 million in it, something like that. I know it’s crazy. I don’t know if he’s goofing around or serious. But long story short, as someone who’s been out here as a tip of the spear, trying to tell the truth about someone, and most about everything in terms of these DARPA things that are weaponized against us, including bitchute, as you were mentioning earlier, Joe, that’s a crown offering, as you might know straight out of London. Long story short, like Cambridge Analytica and many of the London theater tactics that we’re seeing now, this is all from the same group of people, and they’re doing the same thing.

They’re colonializing, and they’re using the weaponizing the obtuse against the well intentioned in ways you can’t even imagine. And I think that that’s to dumb down the conversation, to diminish it, to controlled opposition tactic, to make it Alex Jones and Joe Rogan leading the charge against the Chicom globalists. You know what I’m saying? The white hats versus the black hats. And certainly look this way, the other way against the small hats. I think that’s what’s going on here. I think these guys are at the basis of all three religious offerings. I think that they were involved with the polytheism before that and under a different name.

But I look at the Jews as being like monks that are dedicated to financial dominance. And this is why they’re kicked out of many of the places that they are. And they have insider trading, insider lending, and these kahoot operations going on. A movie that you might want to check out is called hot fuzz. Uh, it was like 2007 made. And I tell you, this is coming into a documentary and it’s. It’s amazing to see how much control these masonic guilds have around the world and how many people they position for, um, I think control opposition purposes.

And even for, like I mentioned in a previous segment, uh, this type of orchestrated violence, you know, look at all the pageantry in the uniforms of the, the proud Boys and the, whatever that, that sh*t was that broke out in Nashville that you can see it’s a dead giveaway. You know, the. It’s a fed giveaway, I should say. So this is patcon happening all over again. The ADL’s behind it and you can see what they’re doing to anybody that points a finger at who’s really doing this. Very good. It is war against us. And I very much like what Joe was talking about.

It’s a great example. And that in being able to defend ourselves in this war, there are immediate hits that we get when we recognize that the official story is a lie. Now, as Joe said, is that you can see it and you may not be able to explain, document and prove, but that would be the next step to be able to demonstrate. Oh, so what they said didn’t happen, so what did? And that is where the work comes in. Joe has been a leader and I, if I had to bet on the most accurate description of what, what is going on.

Our opponents do like to take multiple pathways in order to ensure success and then have false pathways to go down. But in terms of being able to demonstrate academically and professionally what happened, nobody is going to want to talk to Joe from the official side because he would be able to show a the most plausible explanation that I’ve heard so far and the ones that is most supported by the truth. Chris? Yeah, let me in. Yeah, here’s an example. I have my privileges taken away from YouTube and Google and anything involved with that, I can still sign in and still get email because they probably want to spy on me.

But long story short, that’s why I have that Rick James Charlie Murphy icon stuck as my still photo too. I can’t even adjust any of my settings on that sh*t. And I was kicked off at YouTube, my 1st, second and fourth channel, for publishing things about the underground tunnels in Detroit and the involvement of the rainbow child orphanages and the Detroit hospitals and certainly the women’s right to control their own body. They were basically selling not only abortions, but live children and smuggling them across national borders through the Hiram walker tunnels and things of the sort.

And I’m walking around filming all kinds of sh*t and I can’t upload it. Not on YouTube, not on bitchute none of these f*cking places, right, will not let me upload the simplest of things. I tried getting all these truthers to come in and see this sh*t and nobody’s ever called me back in terms of fighting for the truth or receiving donations. I think I’ve had somebody send me $100.01 time and somebody sent me a silver bar. And that is all I’ve ever taken in. 20 some odd years of trying to tell the truth about what’s going on in the world right now.

I’ve never sought to make money. Nor do I. But what I’m saying is these people are making tons of f*cking money to come out here and run these adl, you know, controlled opposition operations. And I’m not speculating that this is what’s going on with that guy I was talking about earlier. I’m saying that in general, you know, people that haven’t seen f*cking Patcon or the JTTF or any of the sh*t in the cointel or know about any of that stuff in chaos, that they don’t know what the f*ck’s going on. I’ve. I’ve spent the time, most of my adulthood, interviewing people like Gary Patrick Heming or people that were part of these programs.

Mercenaries, guys that would tell you that they were literally put in prison and let out to go f*cking hit people, to assassinate them. And I mean, this is some crazy. Yeah, crazy guys. This goes on. Yeah, it goes on. It goes on. And God bless you, Joe and Chris and our audience members for engaging. Because you do discover that we are at war. And you discover that the opponents don’t want to be exposed and that the opponents control top agencies. And then you start looking around and then you see it’s every agency. And then you start looking around more and wonder, how far back does this go? And then you really see that it’s a big war.

Big. I don’t mean to sound jelly, though, you know, it’s like the Johnny come lately. They come and they just serve as, like I say, the, the voice of the movements. And I’ll tell you, the voice really doesn’t have the research behind it. I mean, and they’re, they’re well intentioned. They’re good people. I’m not trying to knock them. But I’m just saying as far as having people that understand much more than maybe they understand that have been out here for 30, 40 years fighting for the truth and putting their ass on the line, using the real name, the real faces and not taking a f*cking dime.

You know, like I say, get shoved out of the way for these f*cking guys to come in and literally be the voice of, you know, what is supposedly the human revolution that’s taking place against the World Economic Forum. Right? So go think about that. Think about military backgrounds. Think about all that sh*t, guys, because it’s relevant and it’s pertinent to know. And the controlled opposition is really ushering us into this technocratic feudalism. It is a war on fair value. And they are literally trying to play games with your mind, your perception, and they’re studying every bit of you.

Everything. The data, the information is power. And this is the new gold in this technocratic feudal crypto system. I’m telling you guys, heads up. Very good, very good. And we’re fixing to have the pyramid flip in a way that they can’t stop it at this point. Turns out that there’s 55% of the people in Israel that are totally opposed to nutty Yahoo. The military is opposed to nutty Yahoo. 55% are opposed to the further conflict in Gaza. They want a complete withdrawal from Gaza. 45% do not want to have a war with Hezbollah. Hezbollah is launching rockets all over northern Israel, and I call it the kibbutz kebab in Golan Heights because that’s what they’re doing.

They’re burning those kibbutzes down just flat to the ground. It’s absolutely wonderful to see. The Lancet said that reliable statistics are that probably 186,000 people have been killed in Gaza. If that’s not a genocide, I think we need to redefine genocide so that we can include this. And that means that the entire population of Israel, because they’ve supported this. And the rotten government that we’ve got here in the United States, because they’ve supported this, are all duplicitous in these war crimes. And there’s a great guy, and I’ve mentioned him before, but I came across him again today.

Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Ivan Reichlin. R a I K l I n. He’s a green beret. He’s a lawyer. He ran for us Senate from Virginia and was cheated by the crooked voting system. And he’s just joined the board of America’s Future. He would be my number one prospect for head of the FBI because he’s got an excel spreadsheet with 350 of the traders that were involved since Russiagate in 2016 all the way through today that are members of the deep state that are deeply embedded and totally involved. And he knows name, rank, and serial number on every one of these son of a bitches.

And he’s fearless, man. If you can find some tapes of him, you need to watch him, because he’s a guy that is going to really help flip this pyramid when we finally get to the point where we have a legitimate government, but I don’t trust. And one of the amazing things is one of the people that’s on his list is Jared Kushner. Yeah, the dirt bag that was $500 million upside down from his 666 5th Avenue property that he bought in 2007. Before the property crashed, he was $500 million upside down in 2017, and now he has a net worth of over $2 billion.

And you want to tell me about hunter Biden making a million dollars every year from Burisma? How about somebody making two and a half billion dollars in four years? Absolutely disgusting. Slimeball. 100% jewish supremacist. And I’m sorry, Mister Trump, but your daughters didn’t pick the nicest guys to be hanging out with. Thank you, Joe. Hey, what if I told you this is a wholesale extermination attempt? An ethnic cleansing not only of the Gazans, but of the blonde hair, blue eyed progenitors of what could have been arguably called the organizing organizers of civilization for a long, long time before they were killed off by this cabal.

And if you really think about a long term war, and even if you think about Atlantis and Atlantis rising, it was what these guys want to do. The hubris that comes along with it is, is what brings the fall. And I’m not calling for the fall of Atlantis. I’m calling for basically the people to rise up against leadership and to take this planet back. It could be a heaven on earth, but these guys turn it into a living hell. And the mass extermination was of white people during world War one, white people during the world War two, and white people in Ukraine.

It’s absolutely disgusting. And it’s all been put together by the same cabal of Satan worshippers. And I’m sorry, that’s exactly what the Bible says. And that’s exactly what you’ve proven over 2000 years of experience. Everybody, every other culture on the planet. So don’t tell me again how you’re God’s chosen people. Because you’re nothing, gentlemen. Yeah. These are demons. They’re worshipping demonic energy as their gods. That’s the basics of all three religions. Think about it, you know, think about the sacraments. Think about other sh*t that they make you do ritualistically. The incantations, the. All this stuff, the body and blood of Christ, Passover as we talked about.

Many of these things are awful things. Confessions, shame based peer pressure, conquering by the cross and sword, torturing people into compliance for 2000 years to the point where they literally defend their attackers. These people wrangling these kids are in high places of these organizations and they’re everywhere. They’ve pervaded all of society. And I think with the information we’re providing here, we’re offering you a chance to get even. This is someone who’s got a f*cking axe to grind with these guys. This is something that money can’t buy. And I think it’s time we do this right. That’s just my opinion.

Very good. Very good. And the evidence is overwhelming to anybody objectively taking a look is that these people are evil. Their crimes are ongoing, centered in war, what is used for money, debt, the opposite of money, and forever lying through corporate media. And then those lies get put into our textbooks for our kids. We are under attack. In one of the areas that we are under attack from is the leaderships. Now in Europe, they had so called elections. But again, I’m as confident that those elections are as honest as the american elections. And then we got this.

Keir Starmer, the UK’s new PM, and I want to play this to show that he is a wef puppet. Our country needs a bigger reset. We need a great reset. Let us just ask you quickly. You have to choose now between Davos or Westminster. Davos. Why? Because Westminster is too constrained and it’s closed and we’re not having meaning. Once you get out of Westminster, whether it’s Davos or anywhere else, you actually engage with people that you can see working with in the future. Westminster, a tribal shouting place. Are you surprised that your prime minister didn’t show up to Davos? Yes, I think our prime minister should have showed up Davos.

I absolutely do. And one of the things that’s been, you know, impressed on me since I’ve been here is the absence of the United Kingdom. And that’s why it’s really important that I’m here and that our shadow chancellor, Rachel Reeves, is here as a statement of intent that should there be a change of government, and I hope there will be, the United Kingdom will play its part on the global stage in a way, I think it probably hasn’t in recent years. What we are very proud of now is the young generation, like Prime Minister Trudeau, president of Argentina and so on, that we penetrate the cabinets.

My government will serve you country first, party second. Davos or Westminster? Davos. Mm hmm. Flashback. We have to deal with the anti vaxxers, says Keir Starmer, next UK PM with the endorsem*nt of the WEF. Yes. Who this guy is. When they say country, Carl, do they mean the people that own the country or the people that live in the country and pay for all this stuff? Yeah, good point. I think they’re going for the owners at this election. In Britain. There’s the moon of Alabama taking a look at these. The voting chairs and labor increased a little bit.

The conservative party got whacked, losing 20%. Now the Reform party, they gained, but they didn’t gain much in terms of the political representation. And part of the argument is that this was a rigged election goes beyond my historical understanding of how it’s set up and certainly beyond my motivation to look, because we have abundance of proof that these people are just liars. And I do want to play this about four minutes, about half of this to be able to show, especially the american audience, what the people in France see. Piers Morgan, he challenged you to $100,000.

Well, let’s play it and we’ll get your reaction. Brigitte Macron, as you know, has a libel trial against Natasha Ray, who made the claims that the french first lady was born a man called Jean Michel Trogna. So I saw your, you did a whole thing on Macron’s wife was born a man. It’s pretty compelling and it was based on some real reporting. And now he’s gonna challenge you on that. So that’s what this is. So I should have set it up a little better. It’s the least crazy part of their relationship, by the way. Yeah, that’s the least.

That’s like a story that is. Here we go. Let’s watch. Brigitte Macron, as you know, has a libel trial against Natasha Ray, who made the claims that the french first lady was born a man called Jean Michel Trogneur. It’s due to take place imminently and we will get to the bottom of this. And I’ll bet you, why don’t we have like 100,000 pound bet that it establishes beyond any doubt to a charity of your choice and mine. Hundred thousand dollars. Make it dollars right now. But it is established beyond any doubt that she was born a woman.

Do you accept that bet? So ladies and gentlemen, though, go ahead and respond. Do you accept that bet? She’s a woman. Yeah, I put more money on it because I reached out to the journalist Xavier Poussard. And Pierce is just lying. The defamation trial is not against the people who published the documents Xavier Poussard published it, a six part series. And they never sued him for defamation. They got Natasha Ray, one of the investigators who helped him gather the information on a technicality for libel. A technicality in the form that after this all, everything was published.

She did an interview and she misspoke, really, and said, I would say that these documents are falsified pertaining to John Michel Trogonau’s birth certificate. And so they’re going after this woman for something that she said on YouTube, not regarding the fact, which it is a fact that Emmanuel Macron is married to a man. You read through these documents and you cannot. That’s why Pierce has didn’t even read them, because you can’t. You cannot in good conscience read these documents. And he doesn’t even have the stomach to tell that kind of a lie. So instead he has to say the theory is insane.

It’s too crazy for me to even read it. Read the documents. They spent three years working on this. It is insane. I mean, they have pictures down to the year where Brigitte got the Adams apple surgery and just wore a scarf right around here for like eight months straight as a teacher. And like you said, this is, this would be the best part of the relationship. Because the truth is that Emmanuel Macron, at best case scenario, was statutorily raped by Brigitte, who was 39 years old at the time that he was 14. And they fell in love.

And actually she was 49, by the way. She was like way older, but actually she was 49. Yeah, but even in the good version, she’s 39, but actually she’s ten years older. I mean, listen, I would tell you the french people know this. They have been on fire for me. And they just feel like they are being so remarkably gaslit. Brigitte is a man with a lot of power, by the way. Like Emmanuel Macron, when he’s asked a question, turns to Brigitte, you know, like, and what’s, hey, what’s the answer here? Because Brigitte is allegedly the person that’s running and is the main power player over there.

Why do you hate the French? Come on. Because they smell. Why are you transphobic? And there’s more to that if you want. And I do like that. And for Piers Morgan, an alleged journalist, to not even examine the documents, I mean, they have to do that. They have to just apply that type of bullsh*t over and over and over again. And they call that journalism. Joe, your thoughts? Piers Morgan has always been insufferable. Getting back to the french elections, Le Pen won 33% of the popular vote, the largest percentage in the first round of voting. But then because of the funny way that they write the rules to make sure that they never lose an election, it’s just like gambling in Las Vegas.

The house never loses and you never win. So when they came around for the second round, she got 10 million votes, which was 36% of the popular vote. And the new Popular Front, who is this communist guy named Melanchon. He got 7 million votes, which was 25%. But Le Pen only got 24% of the seats in parliament. In UK, Farge got greater percentage, and he only got, like, five seats in the parliament. He got enough popular vote that he should have 40 or 50 seats. So bottom line is, they figured out how to rig these systems so that you can absolutely never win.

And we’ve got. Joe and Jill went up the hill to lead the sheeple to slaughter, which was a comment I saw this morning, which I thought was worth sharing. But bottom line is, the people in Congress recognize that they’re trying to rig this election with illegal immigrants voting illegally in the United States, and not all states are equally well protected against this. And the federal government is the chip. Roy, Representative from Texas has got a bill that’s going to be passed in the House called Safeguard American Voters Eligibility act, the Safe act. And it prohibits federalizing elections and giving federal ids to illegal immigrants and encouraging them to vote, which they’re doing in multiple jurisdictions.

And there’s no way of tracing them because they’re ghost human beings. And so if you bring in 10 million and you give each one of them ten ids and you let them fill out ten fake ballots, there’s your 100 million votes that you needed to win the last election. And they’re doing the same scam, this time with a different group of folks. But bottom line is, yeah, we’re going to have this election stolen right out from underneath us. And FJB has said that he will veto this bill if it’s passed by both houses of Congress, because he doesn’t want to discriminate against anybody that wants to vote.

And he’s such a protector of their form of democracy. Absolutely disgusting. Thank you, Joe. Chris, I remember when he told the truth accidentally and said that they’ve assembled the largest voter fraud organization in human history. I think he’s probably. It’s like when Clinton said about the Pentagon missile, a freudian slip of truth. And, yeah, I think that this whole show should be coming to an end. I can’t believe it’s gone on four years and yeah, nobody’s going to jail. Only the people exposing it are being targeted. So, guys, you’re not going to get a louder warning than this.

Paul Revere done passed through here years ago. Very good. Thank you, gentlemen. All right, another way that we’re under attack is Covid. We have five of those updates for the ongoing crimes against humanity trying to morph into bird flu. Oh, okay. 38 seconds with Fauci. We’ll play this. I could just take this opportunity. When I was saying that if you attack me, you attack science, I didn’t mean that I am science. What I meant was that when the data show that hydroxychloroquine does not work and there are people saying, oh, it does, I’ll give it to people, and we know it can be hurtful to them, then when you’re attacking what I’m saying, that the science shows it doesn’t work and the science shows that bleach doesn’t work, that when you attack that you really are attacking science because science has shown that it doesn’t work.

That’s what I meant. When you attacking me, you’re attacking science. That’s excellent. That’s the type of testimony that you just have to say, tony, buddy, thank you so much for that, because that’s damning. For him to say that hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work and then to associate it with bleach, that is a completely unprofessional lie of omission and commission to make such an argument. It’s bullsh*t is what it is. And anybody who gets harmed as a result of that, he is liable for that. And then there’s corporate media’s part for it. Play a little bit of this, too.

Don’t be afraid of COVID Don’t let it dominate your life. Don’t let it dominate your life. In terms of responding to a comment like that, it’s gross. It’s okay to be afraid of COVID and it’s okay that it’s dominating your life. Everyone should be afraid of COVID You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. I can’t come in, mom. It’s there. It’s because of this flu thing. We won’t be free of this pandemic until we listen to the acknowledged truth. Listen to the scientists. Science is truth. You know, science is truth. What is the impact to public health when people are openly questioning the science? Now is the time to do what you’re told by not hearing.

Hearing the truth by not listening to the scientists. They are prolonging how bad the economy will be. When I see somebody out in the world who’s not wearing a mask, I instantly think you are a threat or you are selfish or you are a Covid denier and you definitely haven’t been vaccinated. Are you vaccinated? I am triple vaccinated. So why are you wearing the mask? Seek out the scientists and listen to their advice. Listen to scientists. Listen to the scientists. Trust the experts. We’re gonna trust science. We’re gonna trust the experts. Parents who say, well, I need to do my own research.

Makes you think of that cartoon. I saw the tombstone that said, I did my own research. Republicans have given their voters license to believe whatever they want to believe. Heard somebody saying, listen to the scientists do that. Let’s listen to the scientists. That phrase, do your own research. It’s popping up a lot in conversations about coronavirus and about COVID vaccines. Doing your own research, it seems so innocent, but it can have serious consequences. Renee, what are the roots of this phrase? I feel like I used to hear it around QAnon craziness. Come on. And that’s just halfway through.

And I’ll go ahead and put into the show notes here at betchu. The essay that I wrote to 100 teaching colleagues that definitively is sufficient. Not definitively. Definitively would be thousand pages, but sufficient to be able to walk people through that. These are known lies and crimes against humanity is really the best description. And they prevented us from getting exercise. That was something that they thought was important to do. Walgreens sends out grooming texts to customers inviting them to offer up their children to a Moderna funded study for a new COVID vaccine. Huh? They are never going to back down with this.

They have to be arrested. Meryl Nass, her slideshow 92 slides on the bird flu as the next bullsh*t offering. Hey, Carl. Yeah? Can I jump in and say that they did more than just the COVID thing? It was a social experiment, maybe even an IQ test. And everybody responded, I guess, to their level of available and trustable information. And I think that they really weaponized the good, well intentioned in many ways, to do some very dirty work under the guise of complete and total deception. So this was not an accident, a failure. This was an absolute betrayal, in my opinion, a massive intentional sacrifice or a massive experiment which would lead to sacrifice.

So, yeah, this is big, man. I can’t believe people are letting this slide. It’s like watching the old committees in the, in the thirties, forties, fifties, sixties. You know, the deep state investigates the deep state. The media distracts you with, with pretty much fabulous sensation, and then, you know, people forget all about it and they’re on to the next thing, or they got life to live and, you know, bills to pay and things to do. So this is absolutely an exploitation of the freedom model and the independence model, and certainly an inquisition tactic nonetheless being put forth by the propaganda networks that are trying to control the world and all its resources.

Thank you. Joe. Your thoughts? Yeah, I’m a self confessed polymath who studied science for the last almost 60 years at a college professor’s level, and I don’t trust any of the science. So I’ve written my own, done my own research and written my own articles on global warming, green energy, peak oil, big bang, 911, the Apollo mission. Every bit of it is 100% full of scientific crap, and I can prove it to you. As far as the woof woo situation, I attended a rally in Dallas at Dealey Plaza on May 9 for Shelley Luther. I wrote a great article called remember the a la mode, because her hair salon was called hairdouse salon Alamode.

And she was put in jail for a week because she cut hair two days before the governor allowed her to. So I was very familiar with that. And there was a woman that spoke there who was a doctor and MD in Dallas, Abet Lozano, who had a staff of twelve and had treated 30 patients, all of our staff, prophylactically or in the case of people that came in as patients that had Covid with hydroxychloroquine with 100% success rate. And hydroxychloroquine is stabilized quinine, which is a member of the alkaloid family, which is one of the chemicals that I studied in biochemistry 650 years ago, 60 years ago.

And I understood it perfectly, exactly what she was talking about. So I wrote an additional article called Wu flu bats. Two news for you. Both of those articles are at Principia scientific. And I go through the history of quinine and then stabilized by the Bayer Corporation, 1935 as chloroquine, and then further stabilized as hydroxychloroquine on the list of mandatory medicines by the World Health Organization, over the counter in all of Latin America, all of Africa, and all of the Far east, because it’s the best preventative and cure there is. For malaria, it’s antiviral, antifungal anti inflammatory.

Off label uses include chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, lupus. It’s an absolutely miracle drug with zero repercussions. And Fauci is a fascist, mass murder and psychopath. And I’d say that to his face. Go ahead and sue me, Fauci. I’d love to see you in court. Yeah. Yeah. The idea of trust the science, no scientist says that. No ethical person, no professional would say that. I mean, we’re happy to go ahead and make factual statements and then provide the documentation with that, but you don’t have to trust it. You can reject it if you want. Here’s the documentation.

Go at it. Do you want to discuss the facts? I’ll discuss Carl. To add this, you would change your perspective if new information or extreme data was brought to your attention and your awareness, right? You would consider a new possibility. Imagine yourself being a proponent of a mask or a vaccine or whatever, right? And then you see the f*cking body count and the amount of people that this is killing and injuring and really destroying at some point in time, like we said when this was going on, two to five years from now, this is going to be the sh*t that’s happening, and people gonna have to deal with this.

They’re gonna be still gaslighting you, and you motherf*ckers will be coming at us like f*cking zombie sleepwalkers. But, you know, hey, this is 2017, 2018 on YouTube, timestamped videos that, I’m talking about this sh*t before Covid’s even a thing. And I’m trying to tell you what the f*ck they’re going to do. And it’s erased from the archives, gone from existence, and it’s like it never happened. So you want to know about damnation memorized. They’re doing that to people that know better. And they’re certainly deplatforming us in many different disgusting ways. So I think it’s important you guys understand what the f*ck’s really going on here and stop falling for the.

The masonic old hokey dokie in the controlled opposition. That’s all I’m going to say. Yeah. It could be said that there are some news stories that you need to know. Sure. All right. Trump, Biden optics. Three of those Biden claims. Polls showing him down or wrong. No one more qualified to be president than me. Now for this, one of the gambits that could be taking place is they’ll go ahead and I don’t. I don’t know anything, but they can go ahead and run Biden and just blatantly steal election again, give them even more votes. We’ll see.

I would like that outcome because the american public, we need something more until something breaks. And now this is a good quote, here, too, Biden appears to think he won the first debate. Says he wouldn’t be surprised if Trump didn’t want to debate him again. Yeah. Let’s let Joe say this for himself. I hope he’ll debate me. I wouldn’t be surprised. My committee now. Absolutely. Whether he’s in or not, completely ruling that out. Interesting, interesting, interesting. Biden has the biggest rally ever. Biden’s highly anticipated Wisconsin rally held in the corner of a middle school gym. Now, this isn’t Madison.

Jim Fetcher could have attended this. Would have been easy for him to get in because that’s the crowd. I’ll go ahead. You kidding me? You know, Joe Biden’s got the red crowd going wild. That was it. That was the crowd. Take a look at it one more time. Middle school gym. And that’s it for that. Sorry, Chris, what do you got? Oh, I was going to say, how long do you think it’s take for people to figure out that this is really perception management and the media is just playing games with them and using this democracy thing as a means to establish some sort of socioeconomic hierarchy of caste system and to create like a digital plantation warfare, you know, a slave master or, you know, one of those, I’m trying to think of boule men, straw bosses, you know, everywhere, playing, you know, gatekeeper and guard to protect this system because their jobs, their family depends on their jobs or things like that.

I mean, there’s so many people that are bought into this Leviathan because of the profit margin of that morality has been swept aside. And they certainly find ways to rationalize what they’re doing. And I think this is a big part of the problem. I think once people finally realize what’s going on, you’ll stop praying for these people like Celine Dion, that have that weird thing going on. That’s what happens from adrenochrome withdrawal. And someone that’s been doing it for a long time, I think, suffers from that situation or many things worse. So hopefully, that will be the, the retirement plan that awaits these people that are doing this to innocent children.

And you asked the question rhetorically, but we’ll find out. And that is the last section that we’re going to be talking about today is how much are the people noticing? And then when are we going to get the flip? When are we going to get the breakthrough event? When are we going to get the cannot go back withdrawal of consent? Joe, your thoughts? Yeah. Well, FJB is exactly what he’s accused other people of being. He’s a lion dog face pony soldier, which he told to a woman in February of 2020. And he’s definitely in for world War three.

And so now he’s been baiting the guys in Poland and Poland, Duda and Tusk, who are the two quote, leaders from Poland, have said that they’re going to allow NATO missiles to be stationed on Poland to shoot down russian missiles and airplanes that are over the Ukraine because that’s making threats to Poland. So it’s like, okay, that’s a stupid escalation, but what does FJB do? He immediately says, we’re going to give Poland a $2 billion loan so that they can buy more military equipment, so they can go ahead and be on the front line and take over after Russia finishes mopping the floor with Ukraine.

Absolutely disgusting. And as far as breakthrough events, Elon Musk, who I don’t follow, but I get his ex things all the time in my Xbox. He says that the DNC has made it impossible to prove voter fraud. And this is an article that quotes Elon Musk and it’s at gateway pundit. And so it goes perfectly in line with what Ian Ivan, excuse me, Ivan Ranklin has been saying is that he’s certain that there was plenty of text messages going back between all of the different parties involved in all of the different russian gate scams going back to 2016 that were on Twitter that Musk has access to.

And so at some point in the near future, probably doesn’t want to affect the election, but probably right after the election, he could do a data dump showing all of the network connections exactly the way that Ivan has them on his spreadsheet, how they’re all connected and provide all the factual evidence so that if we get somebody like Ivan, who’s an attorney, who’s a retired Green Beret lieutenant colonel, who is certainly more qualified than anybody we’ve ever had as a director of the FBI to go in there and clean out the FBI. He already has the first 350 people that he’ll put a under arrest with no bond jail so that we can file criminal charges for treason against all of these son of a bitches.

And once you start squeezing them, they’ll squeal like rats on every other one, and then we’ll get the whole network taken down. And that’s what’s going to have to happen. But I have zero trust that Trump is capable of appointing the right people in his cabinet and that he’s capable of negotiating international problems like Gaza and Ukraine because he’s too frickin wed to the fairy tale myths of America and not the actual reality that we’re all having to deal with. Thank you, Joe. Yeah, I think that’s an analytics yank, in my opinion. I think that if you look at who sponsored Trump’s campaign when he won by default against the Clinton electioneering, basically it was anti Clinton.

And Biden supposedly went under the pretext of anti Trump, which is, you know, part of the Kafebi script. I’m telling you, the pendulum of emotion, these guys understand this sh*t better than any. They’ve been putting this on the human condition for a long, long time under all different types of offerings, all different types of governments, religions, all this sh*t. And they’ve been documenting it and how we react to it and how they can control us. So my theory is probably don’t pick somebody that’s part of this sh*t to lead you out of it would be a good guess.

Step one. You know, if you think this is some 5d chess, Trump playing some white hat Xi operation, and he’s going to flip the script and, you know, jump over the top rope and buy body slam Joe Biden and, you know, whatever, it’s bullsh*t, it’s not going to happen that way. It’s only going to come if we drag these guys out, because they ain’t going willingly. They ain’t really acknowledging not only the genocide that they’re committing, but the election fraud and the plunder and embezzlement that they’ve committed in our name and on our behalf. And certainly, I don’t think it’s irrational to suggest that this is traitorous activity.

And unfortunately, what they’ll do with all these cowards that are dependent on their system is probably pervert that perception to really target those that are standing up against it with the courage and integrity to point out this sh*t. Because let me tell you, when 911 happened, you remember the first thing they f*cking said about all the sh*t we went on from JFK to the, you know, 99 up, World Trade Organization, all this sh*t, they said all that stuff happened and it disappeared because the Pentagon server was destroyed. Tower seven went down, and something in tower two with the Marsh McLennan servers.

So this is a bunch of bullsh*t, guys. We’re being fed a serious farce. And if you guys don’t pull your head out of your asses, we’re not going to really be around to even call it a farce anymore. It’s going to be a whole new type of existence, and it’s not going to be good. And RFK Jill Stein and Marianne Williamson are equally defective candidates. So don’t think you’re going to third party your way out in this particular election. The only hope you can have is that you can elect some people that are going to moderate Trump’s behavior on a Senate and representative level.

And make sure that your republican officials are putting a hell of a lot of weight on Trump. Make sure that he can’t do the same mistakes that he did in his first term, because I have zero trust in the guy. Part of what we need to acknowledge in the Amrev two, World War Three is that, as Chris was talking about, every move, every psychological forecast of our opponent are made based upon their experience of totally dominating us. So if this was any other type of a contest of war event, whatever, we have been dominated forever. And hence my conclusion is that we do need some sort of a breakthrough that is unimaginable and unpredictable.

Otherwise, we’re going to get rolled again just as we have before. We need friends in high places, and otherwise the history will repeat. And if you just take a look at what we see looking around, well, we’ll just go ahead and go on, because we raised the question with the last section of how awake are the peeps? All right. Trump Biden optics. Yes, Trump Biden optics. I mean, are we supposed to believe, Carl, that our only, our only reasonable option to defend this nation and the constitution is to really drink the, the orange crush and just go full, full wave with it? I mean, you know, this is crazy.

I hope you guys see this and, you know, see what they’re really serving, and it’s not the american people. And I hope that people start to get this. All the offerings on the table are part of the parlor trick. That’s all I gotta say. Yeah, certainly anything that we can see, you’d have to make the interpretation which I make, that it is a show, and that would require a context of forces and play that literally go out of this world and out of this dimension. But that’s, and I’ll go ahead and put into the show notes here at bitch you argument that I have, that that is case, that is, in fact, what we are seeing.

And at least we can see as we’re raising the question in that last section is that it is so ridiculous, it is at least a fair test for people to divide into three categories. The good, the truthful, the bad, the deceitful, and then the people who have been so poisoned, tortured and mind controlled sheeple that they are unable and or unwilling to discern and that might be a legitimate effect of all the domination of being defeated time and time again and God knows how many resets we’re talking about of being completely wiped out and the psychological trauma associated with that.

All right, Huffington Post calls on Biden campaign to use AI to make the president appear less senile. Yeah, crazy. And that’s true. It’s time for the Biden campaign to embrace AI. After the president’s dismal debate performance, he noted that he might not walk as easily or talk as smoothly as I used to. AI could help with this. That’s an interesting admission. And then we have, with these optics, going into yet another election opportunity. Barack Obama 69 million votes 873 counties Trump 75 million votes 2500 counties Bidenhood claim have 81 million votes with just 477 counties. And that is, on its face impossible.

And then from Wisconsin, we have this emerging evidence from November 4, 2020, and that the person in charge of the election, damn, Claire, you have a flair for drama, delivering just the margin needed at 03:00 a.m. i bet you had those votes counted at midnight and just wanted to keep the world waiting. Yeah, yeah, something like that. And those are the states where they shut down the voting. And then when they were reopened, miraculously, they had the votes for 81 million votes. Joe Biden to win Biden election official has been arrested for widespread election fraud in Texas.

They have been charged with election fraud, illegal voting, illegal vote by mail, possession of official ballots. So we’ll see, see how much of this plays forward into the public consciousness. And then for January 6, that was the false flag to cover up the 2020 election fraud. The FBI arrested everyone involved in January 6 except for the people who planned it, the guy who planted the pipe bombs and the guy who shot an unarmed woman. Yeah. Yeah. It is crazy. I don’t know the level of awareness and how, how people are poised to be able to flip, but I think we’re going to find out.

Joe, your thoughts? Yeah, I was ready for final thoughts. Yeah, I did a great interview with a guy, local conservative guy, on the voter fraud here in Texas. It’s an hour long interview and it’s at HTTPs, colon slash slash bit ly capital. Joe Olson and I’ll go through Kathleen Engelbright who I met at a true the vote event back in January of 2011, and go through up through current events. And it’s an hour long interview. And if you live in Texas, it’ll give you some really good information about how embedded the crime syndicate is with voter fraud in Texas involving both parties.

It’s a dual, dual party uniparty equal opportunity offender. Absolutely disgusting. But I’ve researched it from firsthand experience, so thank you, Joe. Chris? I agree completely. Okay, we’re getting close to final thoughts, but we do have one other section here for just two stories. And in terms of how effective the great awakening for sheeple people to withdraw consent. Now, Chris was talking about a lot of people who are coming on recently and they have limited understanding. Jimmy Doar is one of those, but he’s talking publicly to James Corbett, who is one of the most well informed people around.

And for door to introduce his audience to Corbett, which includes a lot of the game ending documentation, including 911, is amazing. And then it was either Joe or Chris shared this, but I’ll play this a minute as kind of a golden oldie way to demonstrate what happened in Las Vegas. Nothing. What are you thinking about? So during the Las Vegas shooting, Steven Paddock supposedly spent over 3000 rounds of ammunition over the course of ten minutes from 27 AR 15s, each equipped with bump stocks. But that would have required him to drop a gun for another after each 30 round mag was empty, and then reload each of the 27 ars at least four times over.

Thats even despite the fact videos from survivors show a non stop stream of bullets at a fire rate much higher than that of a pump stock ar 15 and resembling more of a fire rate similar to that of an m 240 light machine gun. And investigative photos of Paddock’s hotel room where he shot from only show 50 spent shells. And what about once, when the FBI took over the investigation, paddocks have somehow burnt down and destroyed all the evidence. And years later, America’s mass shooting is still ruled to have no motive. And even after Paddock’s brother went on air claiming nothing made sense, the following day he was arrested for possessing several hundred terabytes of child p*rn on a 20 year old computer running on Windows 95.

It all doesn’t make any sense. And this is, according to the FBI, nothing. Nothing. And that is a great example of what we were talking about, is that when you have some familiarity, factual familiarity, like Joe, with watching the trend towers, you recognize things and then you just need to think about it a little bit and then you can put together a body of proof that refutes the official story. Joe. So to what extent do you think the american people are in the global people? Because all the developed nations heads of states are in similar positions to to FJB.

How awake and aware are the american public? Joe? They’re not awake at all. It’s absolutely disgusting. Yeah, it’s really disgusting. As far as the harvest event in Las Vegas. Yeah. The nine members of the board for Resorts International who are the owners of the Mandolin Bay hotel, which I stayed in for the Heartland ICC conference in July, I stayed there for five days. Absolutely ridiculous conference by people that know nothing about science. But anyhow, 600 people. I attended that. So I had a personal knowledge of the Mandolin Bay hotel. But the nine members of the board of Sports Resorts International sold stock prior to that event at a higher rate because they knew the stock was going to tumble.

And in August, before that event happened, George Soros shorted this million shares of that and made $40 million in two months period of time because the hotel value went down. And there was also shorts on insurance company and shorts on airlines, shorts on everything. The same group of shorts that happened with 911, you know. So bottom line is, yeah, that was an orchestrated 100% event. But the tip off for me was right after it happened, Mike Adams over at the health ranger said he analyzed all the data and, and he figured out all the trajectories from the 223 shells.

And. And I was sitting there going, what in the hell are you talking about? You can listen to the recorded sounds of, quote, gunfire coming from the mandolin bay. They confiscated almost every cell phone. But the cell phones that were put up directly after the event, before the feds managed to snatch them all and erase them, showed that there was no sound of impact. Now, when you fire a 223, that’s a hypersonic bullet. It travels at 3300ft/second and sound is eleven, 70ft/second so you’re breaking the sound barrier. So when the bullet goes by, I’ve been shot at by hypersonic bullets.

And when they go by, you hear the blast of the bullet go by a lot more. You hear it. First of all, you hear it before the sound gets there from the, quote, sound source, whether it’s an actual gun or whether it’s recording, but then you have the sound go by, but then it’s going to either hit something hard and ricochet, which will make a louder sound if you’re 1000ft away from the gunfire than the gunfire itself, or it will hit a solid body like a human body and sound like a hammer hitting a watermelon. And there was none of those recorded sounds on any of the soundtracks that I heard, making it impossible for bullets to even been fired.

It was absolutely ridiculous. The bullets that were fired were staged and set up, and some of them were fired inside the parade ground themselves. The whole thing was an absolute 100% sham. And amazingly enough, they had another event at a country western bar in Santa Monica about six months later. And some of the same people that were at the same, were at the same event, and they had all gone to the same website and sounded up for crowd sourcing events where they were paid $15 an hour to be, you know, dummies for a big stage play.

It was absolutely 100% disgusting. Inside event, just to prove how dangerous weapons are and how we need to outlaw AR fifteen s and bump stocks and everything else in the world. Absolutely disgusting. Thank you, Joe. Chris, for you. How awake are the american people? How much attention are they paying to these events? Well, I say the service to air missiles should count for a second amendment rights to prepare arms, protect themselves from their own government when it comes to chemtrails. So I’m a little far. People get there. They’ll get there in time. The more they know, you know, it’ll definitely radicalize you one way or another.

One way or another. Yes, yes. You dive into, like, the whole realm of ignorance is bliss, or you know what’s going on and, you know, you take matters to defend yourself. I think that’s what it’s going to come down to. It ain’t like a white versus black, a christian versus muslim thing. We got. We got a group that’s playing for the whole marble and trying to take us all out at once, so. And use us to destroy each other. It’s even funnier. So I hope people really catch on to what’s happening and can process the depravity of the people sending out the mercenaries to try to start the ship that are starting.

Very good. Thank you, Chris. Going to final thoughts. Chris broke up a little bit at the end there. Anything else? France right now and some of these european countries. All right, final thoughts. So with this, it’s still poised for something to break. And as we keep talking about, I don’t see anything for me to personally do other than engage in informal conversations and pay attention. Get at the show notes here at bitch. You’d. If any of the audience members are engaged in interesting projects to push truth forward, I’m interested in hearing what’s going on and hearing the results, but events are pushing this further and further, and the people in France and in the UK, with those elections, they’ll have ground to move forward on based upon what they’re being presented next, as will Americans and as do Americans in the increasing drama.

So hang in there, stay strong, pay attention look for openings and eventually, remember, for our opponents to win, they got to take a lot of steps, and some of those steps are going to cause attention for the people. So every step that they take, it produces a different field of battle and different opportunities. Joe, final thoughts, brother? Yeah. One of the saddest things about the UK elections, that George Galloway lost his seat in parliament, so he won’t be in an effective voice in the future, other than on Internet. So that’s pretty sad. But getting to final thoughts, since we had the hurricane coming in, it was like, well, I lived in Galveston for a year.

I lived in a mansion that was built in 1870 that survived the 1900 earthquake. I mean, 1900 storm, which is the second largest natural disaster in the history of the United States, the largest being the Mississippi flood in 1927 and the third largest being the earthquake in San Francisco in 1906. But the 1900 hurricane in Galveston killed at least 10,000 people. Six to 10,000, no real numbers because they didn’t really have good population data. But the amazing thing was that the highest point on the island was only 8ft above sea level. And when you have a 15 foot storm surge, that means you can pretty much wipe the island.

But what happened was the whole front row got pushed back until it finally built up enough of a dam that the ocean couldn’t continually sweep across the island and it went around the dam. So when the thing was over, Galveston had been the largest city in Texas from 1870 until 1900. Prior to that, San Antonio was the largest city. But Galveston, being a port and exporting a lot of cotton, still was the largest city until the 1900 earthquake. But the people in Galveston did not want to give up, so they built a 16 foot high seawall, 13 miles long.

Largest civic project in the history of Texas. It was all built by local tax dollars and local businessmen. And then they raised the level of Galveston dredged material, brought it up and raised back up to where the wall was, so that now when you go to Galveston, you have a 16 foot high seawall, and then it slopes all the way down to a six foot high grade level at the bay side where the harbor is. And so they enormous engineering project. There’s a great video that I found called Raising Galveston. It’s by an attorney, a judge here in Texas named Ken Wise, who’s really big on history.

And his YouTube channel is wise w I s e about Texas. And then that reminded me of another thing that I had seen on the saving the foundation of Winchester Cathedral over in Winchester, England. And when I was over there, with my girlfriend, we went to visit the cathedral. But a great story about. And this is on BBC. I hate to recommend BBC, but their documentary on this is really worthwhile. That’s an hour long. William Walker, comma, the diver who saved Winchester Cathedral, BBC on YouTube. I don’t know that I’m going to be bothering putting links on bitchute because it’s such, such a hassle to do, but if I do put a link today with comments, it’ll be to link those two stories so that it’s easier for people to find it.

Anybody that’s interested in engineering, and it’s far better than what you’re going to find on Netflix or anything else. So bottom line is, educate yourself. If you’ve got STEM students in your life, educate them on the true history, particularly about construction and about development and furthering of society and civilization, because it’s been an enormous effort by an enormous number of people for enormous amount of time, and it’s all being threatened. Thank you, Joe. Chris, final thoughts? Yeah, I just had a couple thinking about in the 1830s and forties, there was the Walker family was notorious for filibustering lands down in the southwest of former spanish lands and taking over a lot of mines and starting up operations like that in many of these faraway cities in the mexican american war era and thereafter.

So, yeah, just interesting stuff there. If you want to dive into some more stuff, look into filibustering and these guys looking to scottish ride, Freemasonry and all the masonic connections involved with this stuff, too, because these organizations are not happenstance. They are positioned in the way that they are to do what they do. And they use a lot of the migrants and immigrants to do these type of things, just like they’re doing now on every generation in the past. They’re running the same formula, the same gamut that they ran, like I said, with COinTelPro, Patcon, and the JTTF and what they’re doing now.

So, you know, we’re aware of it. And what are we gonna do? What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do? Help. Yeah. Yeah. The idea of supplication and prayer and meditation and whatever we need. We need some help from friends in high places, apparently, in order to pull this off, but we’ll see what’s developing. Stories keep on pushing closer and closer to something breaking. It hasn’t broken yet, but we will take a look tomorrow with more of the news that you need to know. Bye.

See more of Jim Fetzer on their Public Channel and the MPN Jim Fetzer channel.

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