Find plane tickets on Google Flights - Computer (2024)

When you use Google Flights to find plane tickets, you can get the best fares for where and when you want to travel. Use Google flights to:

  • Find and book round trip, one-way, and multi-city tickets.
  • Use an interactive calendar and price graph to find the best fares.
  • Filter your flight search by cabin class, airlines, and number of stops.

Google Flights allows you to book flights from more than 300 airline and online travel agency partners. These partnerships have no impact on the ranking of offers suggested to you.

Find your flights

  1. Go to Google Flights.
  2. Enter your departure city or airport and destination.
    • Tip: You can also find destinations by clickinga popular destinations list ora world map.
  3. At the top, select your ticket type: one-way, round trip, or multi-city.
  4. At the top, select the number of passengers and cabin class.
  5. Click the calendar to select your flight dates. You’ll find the lowest total price to fly for each day.
    • Tip: Flight prices are updated approximately once every 24 hours.
  6. Optional:
    • To filter your results, click Stops, Airlines, Times, or More.
    • To reorder flights, click Sort by Find plane tickets on Google Flights - Computer (1). You can find results byBest Flights (a default order that gives you the best trade-off between price and convenience, based on factors such as duration, number of stops, and airport changes during layovers), Price, Duration, and Departure Time.
  7. Choose a flight for each part of your trip.
  8. Choose how you’ll book the flight:
    • When you click Select for your ticket(s), you’ll usually be taken to the airline’s website or online travel agency to complete the transaction.
    • In some cases, you can book separate tickets for one trip.
  9. Once you’ve booked a flight, contact the airline or online travel agent to confirm your booking, change it, cancel it, or to resolve any issue that may arise.

For more info, refer to the airline or online travel agent's terms and conditions on their site.

Tip: If your flight can’t be booked online, you'll find instructionsto book by phone.

Flight insights

After searching for your tickets, “Flight insights” gives you options to optimize your travel experience.

Find plane tickets on Google Flights - Computer (2)Tips:Find recommendations for when to book your ticket, cabin upgrades, travel guides, and more.

Find plane tickets on Google Flights - Computer (3)Dates:Explore which travel dates have the best fares.

Find plane tickets on Google Flights - Computer (4)Airports:Showfares for alternative airports.

Find plane tickets on Google Flights - Computer (5)Price graph:If your travel dates are flexible, explore fare trends by month or week.

    Booking separate tickets for one trip

    Flights can be bought as separate tickets from one or more partners. This option might appear when it could save you money or open more flight schedules.

    Instructions to buy tickets separately

    If you find a notice that both tickets can be bought in a single transaction from an online travel agency, click the link to visit their website.

    1. Visit the first airline or online travel agency’s website.
    2. Double-check the price, and buy your first ticket.
    3. Immediately visit the next airline’s or travel agency’s website, and buy the second ticket, to make sure your second ticket is still available. If your second ticket can’t be bought, in the United States, in most cases, you can call the airline to take advantage of 24-hour refund policies to refund the first ticket.


    • If you need to make changes, you might be charged a change fee for each ticket.
    • Each airline has different baggage rules and fees.
    • Buying separate tickets from different airlines may require claiming and rechecking baggage, which takes additional time, so plan accordingly.
    • If your outbound trip is delayed, for example in the case of a layover or multi-city trip, you might miss your second trip. To find out about your options, contact the airline.

    Why some flights aren’t included

    Google Flights uses over 300 partners, like airlines, online travel agencies, and aggregators, to display its offers. Not all airlines or available flights are included, as a partnership with Google is required. Most of these partners provide Google with all prices and flight options that they would show on their own websites or through third-party sites. This ensures that you get a completeview of the flights and prices that matchyour search, without the need to check prices on multiple sites.

    Some flights might not show up when:

    • The flights are sold out or unavailable.
    • The carrier hasn’t yet been added to Google Flights.

    About baggage fees, prices & more

    The price shown is only for the passenger air transport service itself, and includes VAT/GST and airport taxes. Additional fees may apply (baggage, credit card, etc.). The fees may vary depending on the airline or online travel agency option chosen.Any estimated bag fees shown may be subject to additional government taxes.​

    If you notice a price discrepancy after you select your flight, use the feedback buttonFind plane tickets on Google Flights - Computer (6) in the lower left corner of the screen when searching on Google Flights.

    Specific or additional insurances and/or commercial warranties may be offered by the carriers. For more info, please visit the carrier’s website.

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    Find plane tickets on Google Flights - Computer (2024)
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